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Use propane to create your 5-star outdoor retreat

OTTAWA, May 5, 2022 – The Canadian Propane Association reminds Canadians warmer temperatures and longer days mean more time gathering with family and friends outdoors. Low-emission propane can go just about anywhere to create a 5-star retreat right in your own backyard.

Grills, fire pits, lighting and patio heaters powered by propane can make your evenings cozy and warm. You can even jump in the pool much earlier with a propane-powered pool heater!

“Propane’s portability, versatility and efficiency can provide your family and friends with unparalleled outdoor home comfort,” says Canadian Propane Association (CPA) President and CEO Shannon Watt. “Not only can you create an inviting, warm and safe oasis for your family and guests but you are also doing your part to lower your emissions.”

More and more Canadian homeowners are turning to propane for all their home energy needs – everything from high-efficiency furnaces to barbecues. Homeowners that switch from heating oil to propane reduce their GHG emissions by 38 per cent annually, save up to 45 per cent in electricity costs as well as lower their insurance rates.

“Switching to propane is a good return on investment while enjoying an updated space,” says Watt. “Propane allows us to do so much more than just barbecuing, and this trend of creating a 5-star retreat in your backyard is the perfect example.”

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