News Releases Mr. Premier: let’s use the right energy in the right place – Subsidies for uneconomical natural gas expansion is not a viable solution for Ontarians

OTTAWA, June 11, 2021 – The Ontario government makes a very important point when they note that “Ontarians deserve access to reliable and affordable heating”. The Canadian Propane Association couldn’t agree more. Providing affordable energy and ensuring Ontarians have energy choice is fundamental and when natural gas makes sense, why not?

However, while the June 9 announcement of Phase 2 of Ontario’s Natural Gas Expansion Program and the $243 million subsidy that goes with it may fulfill an election promise, it does nothing to ensure affordable, low emission, and long-term energy security for rural Ontarians.

“Everyone understands Premier Ford’s commitment in the last election to providing affordable and reliable energy to Ontarians, especially those in rural communities,” said Nathalie St-Pierre, President and CEO of the Canadian Propane Association. “The problem with focusing exclusively on uneconomical natural gas expansion is that taxpayers across Ontario are forced to pay to finance natural gas projects that could not survive on their own while a perfectly comparable energy, propane, is already available at no cost to taxpayers,” indicated St-Pierre.

Propane has just about the same carbon footprint as natural gas but does not require any such large, permanent, and subsidized infrastructure. It is readily available, highly efficient, and, unlike natural gas pipelines, maintains and creates significantly more local employment.

The subsidy to natural gas utilities tips the scales against Ontario’s propane industry…

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