Propane Training

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Find an independent trainer in your area

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Contact your propane supplier

Your propane supplier may have employees who are PTI certified trainers. Contact them – they may be able to help support and grow your business.

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Become a certified PTI Trainer or Examiner or Train a new course

In order to become a certified PTI trainer or examiner or if you are looking to add additional courses to your current certificates, you must meet specific requirements. 

Please read the PTI document explaining our criteria of eligibility Master Trainers, Senior Trainers, Trainers and Examiners – 700-00.

Being a PTI certified trainer implies dedication to high quality standards and conducting yourself in a responsible manner at all time while complying with recognized professional practices.

To find out more about our Code of conduct and Practice for Master Trainers, Senior Trainers, Trainers and Examiners along with our Application process please contact us at