Auto Propane

Propane: proven, budget-friendly, near-zero-emission and moving towards renewable

With simple, low-cost fuelling infrastructure and advancements in engine technology that have achieved ultra-low emission levels, propane use is growing especially when low fuel and infrastructure costs are considered.

Smart business decision

The lowest total cost of ownership: switching to auto propane means increased savings and lower emissions.

Auto propane has the power to transform your fleet. Businesses are discovering that auto propane can deliver the lowest total cost of ownership of any fuel. If you’re looking to make an impact to your bottom line, explore the possibilities of auto propane.

Easy refuelling

You have several convenient refueling infrastructure solutions to choose from, depending on your fleet's size. Quick-Connect nozzles make the process even easier — your drivers just click in the nozzle, refuel, and go


You have the power to cut the harmful emissions around your community. Auto propane vehicles cut significantly more NOx and greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel and gasoline.


From light- and medium-duty vehicles to buses, auto propane fleet vehicles are trusted to get the job done. These vehicles feature proven technology that's trusted by fleets across Canada.

More Uptime

While diesel engines spend valuable time in the shop for maintenance and repairs on complex emissions systems, auto propane vehicles keep your business running with reliable operation.