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Heaters and radiators

Propane is the ideal energy source to temporarily or permanently heat buildings on construction sites and distribution centres. Manufacturers and equipment rental companies offer a wide range of propane heaters for multiple applications in the field. They can be used to dry out a damaged building, heat different areas on a construction site or cure concrete. Several types of units are available with different power levels. Some units can even reach 1,500,000 BTUs.

Two types of propane heaters are available on the market:

Direct-fire appliances: Heat the ambient air directly (forced air heater), with high energy efficiency. These appliances are divided into two classes – those with an exposed flame burner and those with a controlled flame burner (modern and more efficient). In both cases, good ventilation is required to evacuate the combustion of gases.

Radiant heaters: Indirectly heat the ambient air through a chamber that in turn releases heat (radiant heating). Pipes carry the heat to the desired locations; the combustion gases remain outside or are exhausted through a pipe.

Regardless of the choice of appliance, propane provides clean, even heat without mold or contaminated fumes.

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Propane Safety

The health and safety of customers and employees are vital to the propane industry. Whether you are a first-time customer or a veteran in the propane workforce, this section offers a wide array of valuable information on the safe usage and storage of propane.

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It is illegal by Canadian law to refill cylinders without proper training!

Refillable one-pound cylinder kits manufactured to specification TC-39M, and aerosol containers are being sold in Canada.

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