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Update your profile here. For more instructions, please click here.

Note that as a PTI certified trainer, you have both a trainer and a trainee profile in our system. You do not need to create a Trainee profile.  If you access your profile, you will see, on the first page, that your Trainee ID is the ID number. For example: ID: 12345 is also your Trainee ID number. Your Trainer ID is located under your profile information, along with your trainer certificate.

Your PTI account will allow you to:

  1. Track your spending and search past purchase orders in seconds.
  2. Create and send purchase orders to us in seconds, anytime, any day and from anywhere.
  3. Access your certificates to work, linked to your profile.
  4. Access your trainer certificate, linked to your trainer profile.
  5. Access you trainees’ certificates.
  6. Access our Document Centre with documents such as exams, temporary certificates, TDG certificates, answer keys for exams, answer keys for the exercises Test your Knowledge along with course images and figures.

With your trainer’s profile on our Learning Platform, you have free access to all our PDFs manuals and our online courses based on your training profile. To Login and learn how to navigate, refer to our instructions Guide to access PDF and Online courses available in the Document Centre under the Documents (All Trainers) category.

This is a separate platform allowing you to access our training manuals in PDF format, to print or to share with your trainees, as well as accessing our online courses.  You can use these online courses as tools in your classrooms or you can purchase them for your trainees.  On this platform, you can also create virtual classrooms to monitor and support your trainees when they complete their training with our online courses.

To ensure credibility and security, you continue to control – employees need to rely on you to access a course, to supervise their exams and Hands-on practical evaluation and to sign off on their documents before they are issued a valid certificate.


Create your profile or Log in.  For more instructions, please click here.

Without this ID# you will not be able to access your certificates online.

Prior to attending any training session, we ask that you create your trainee profile with us.

Once created, you will see a link. Please click on it and you will be automatically redirected to your profile, where you will be able to see your trainee/student ID number along with additional information about the account.


This is your unique PTI identification number (ID#). Please ensure you retain a record of this trainee ID# and bring it to all your training session.

This Trainee ID# is mandatory and must be written on any exams you will complete if you want to quickly access your certificates directly.

Once you successfully complete a training course using this ID#, access your personal account to view and download your valid course certificate directly and quickly.

Your trainer may offer you access to a PDF manual or an online course for your training needs or recertification. To access this material, you will need to create your profile on our Learning Platform.

For instructions on how to create your profile and how to use the platform, please click here.

Once you have your profile, you will be able to access for free to the online course: Product Knowledge–Propane/LPG Specific – 100-00

If you already have a PTI profile, you can also consult the Guide to access and use the Learning Platform in the Library under the Documents (All trainees) category.


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