Propane Pulse Propane on the Hill lobby day

The CPA’s first lobby day in three years was a great success. Twenty-four CPA members and staff met with more than 30 parliamentarians and government representatives on March 21 in Ottawa, to talk about affordable, versatile, and low-emission propane.

Discussions focused on the benefits of propane for a multitude of sectors. Whether the discussions focused on propane applications for agriculture, transportation, home energy, construction, and mining or providing scalable power to off-grid communities, the policymakers came away impressed with the information and want to learn more.

The main objective of the lobby day was to ensure that propane is included when policy development priorities turn to cost savings, reducing emissions, and cleaner, healthier communities. To that end, it is anticipated that the CPA will be invited to future House of Commons and Senate Committee meetings, including Natural Resources, Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Environment, Transport, and Finance.

Of note, there was much interest in renewable propane, which has become an important topic in the energy conversation. Renewable propane can help the industry support wind and solar by replacing diesel as backup energy when the many hours that the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. (For more information on renewable propane, check out the new page on our website.)

Overall, the meetings were very well received, resulting in several follow-up discussions and future meetings to advance discussions about the expanded use of propane.

This past lobby day helped to reinforce how crucial these government meetings are because they help us understand what is important to decision-makers and guide us in our approach to advocating for propane.

The CPA has two more lobby days planned for this year in Victoria, B.C., and Edmonton, A.B. We look forward to meeting and educating more politicians to ensure our industry’s voice is heard.

The CPA would like to thank the following sponsors: Budget Propane/P38, Diversco, Eco-Pro Services, Emergency Response Assistance Canada, NGL Supply Co. Ltd., and Superior Propane.