Auto Propane

Propane school buses are a trusted transportation solution across the country

School districts of all sizes are switching to clean-burning propane buses because it means cleaner air for students, drivers and the community and the lowest total cost-of-ownership available.

Better every stop of the way

Cleaner neighborhoods: With propane buses, students aren't exposed to the emissions from older diesel buses that can cause health issues. In real-world testing conducted by West Virginia University in 2018, auto propane produced 96 percent fewer NOx emissions compared with clean diesel buses. Using propane buses also reduced particulate matter, which can irritate asthma and other breathing-related issues.

In the unlikely event of a spill, propane dissipates into the air whereas diesel (and gasoline) can contaminate soil and water resources through spills, leaching, and water runoff.

Quieter operation: Propane buses operate noticeably quieter than diesel for a safe ride. Plus, all propane school buses meet Canadian and U.S. Federal motor vehicle safety standards, like conventional school buses.

Savings that go further: Auto propane delivers the lowest total cost-of-ownership available. Districts could use those savings to afford more teachers, classroom supplies, and extracurricular activities.

The affordability and scalability of auto propane refuelling options are unmatched compared with electric. And auto propane does not require additional fluids, filters, or rigorous maintenance and reduces the most emissions of all traditional fuel options.

Happier drivers: Operators of propane school buses report higher job satisfaction — they get to drive a quieter bus, and they don't have to bring home the smell of exhaust.

 “Our new fleet of school buses fuelled by propane means cleaner air around our students and drivers, and within our community,” said Domenic Scuglia, Director of Education for the Regina Catholic School Division.  “At Regina Catholic Schools, we always consider our students’ needs  first when we make any decision inside and outside of the classroom.”


Brandon School Division saves $95,000 in two years and reduces GHG emissions by 1 M lbs.

Auto propane compares favourably to electric infrastructure

  • With auto propane, you have options for infrastructure setups that are affordable and easily scalable.
  • Refuelling a propane bus is safe and quick, taking a similar amount of time as fuelling with gasoline or diesel.
  • Propane buses can provide a range of more than 640 km on a single refuelling.

See the numbers for yourself:

auto propane_electric_cost table

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