Our Team

Allan Murphy Interim President & CEO
Senior Vice-President, Government Relations
Robert Loenhart Senior Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs and Safety  613.799.0935
Tammy Hirsch Senior Director, Communications and Marketing  587.349.5876
Melissa Michaud Director, Administration and Operations  613.866.6526
Vacant Director, Government Relations, Quebec and Atlantic Canada
Marcelline Riddell Director, Government Relations, Ontario  647.881.1483
Katie Kachur Vice-President, Government Relations, West  403.801.9111
Sherri Clair Manager, Events and Membership  613.683.2270 ext 275
Christine Chabert Manager, Finance  613.683.2270 ext 272
Patrick Voyer Manager, Communications  613.683.2273
Imen Trad Assistant-Director, Administration & Operations  613.683.2270 ext 274


Propane Training Institute (PTI)

Bruce Leslie      Executive Director, Propane Training Institute                   403.869.6355
François Foucault      Director of Training                   613.229.4666
Sophie Léger Cormier      Manager, Training Operations                   403.543.6511
Paulette Walters     Coordinator, Certification                   403.543.6507
Nicole Rutherford     Office Administration                   403.543.6519


General Email: info@propane.ca, Phone: 613.683.2270

Media Email: media@propane.ca, Phone: 587.349.5876

Training Email: training@propane.ca, Phone: 877.784.4636