Now and for future generations – environmentally friendly propane is essential energy as we move to a low-carbon future.


Propane can save you money because of its relatively low cost, efficient performance, and lower insurance bills due to no risk of contamination.


From water and home heating to powering home appliances and vehicles, propane’s applications are vast. And it can go anywhere you can.


Propane dealers live and work in the communities they operate in to deliver a low-emission energy source that exceeds the reach of traditional pipelines.

For my home

From water and home heating, to cooking and clothes drying, propane provides essential energy solutions to help you save money and the environment.

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For my business

Propane powers farms, hospitals, school districts, fleets, construction projects and more to help you meet economic, environmental and efficiency targets.

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Patio Heaters Safety Tips: Always use them outside. Never store propane cylinders indoors. Make sure heaters are on a stable surface. Follow the CPA’s safety tips to help ensure comfort and safety in the open air.

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Over 600 Stations Across Canada Propane Fuelling Station Locator

Readily available and trusted, auto propane is easily accessible and transportable across the country.

Auto propane is Canada’s #1 alternative automotive energy source because it is easy to fill up and it lowers your carbon footprint.

You can find hundreds of refuelling stations with Canada’s Alternative Fuelling Station Locator.

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Submissions 21 December 2022

Is propane the missing link in energy transition?

Conversion from heating oil to propane reduces costs and GHGs

By Shannon Watt

Meeting climate targets is demanding work. In the pursuit of wholesale change, sometimes we overlook the incremental successes that, when taken together, can make a huge impact. As Canadians work hard to navigate the energy transition, achievements within their own homes can go a long way to help address climate change.

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Cleaning up our emissions means government support for all low-emission energy

19 January 2023

To effect change and bring real progress, we need real solutions and an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach. As Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of the Toyota Motor Corporation has repeatedly said, “(electric vehicles) are not the only way to achieve the world’s carbon neutrality goals”.

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The Voice of Shannon Watt, President and CEO of the Canadian Propane Association

23 December 2022

The World LPG Association’s The Voice connects with Shannon Watt to discuss her key goals for the association and opportunities for propane in the Canadian market.

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CPA speaks with CTV News on request to government to make heating GST/HST exempt

29 September 2022

CPA’s President and CEO Shannon Watt speaks with CTV News Northern Ontario about our call on the federal government to make the HST/GST zero-rated for residential energy, making life more affordable for all Canadians.

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Propane Training Institute

Train with Canada’s leading national training provider. Providing training programs that promote a culture of safe propane handling and use of propane-powered equipment while improving the skills of propane industry workers. PTI is focused on the needs of the propane industry, with courses available in English and French and meeting the highest quality standards of regulators across Canada.

PTI delivers the courses through a network of member company and independent trainers across Canada. Find a list of our courses and trainers in your region below.

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Membership in the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) has a number of benefits – it is the ideal way for businesses in the propane industry to stay informed, get involved and maximize their success.

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