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*To obtain an Emergency Response Assistance Plan, you must enroll with Emergency Response Assistance Canada – additional forms must be completed. Please contact Cheryl Dahlager at cheryl.dahlager@erac.org or 403.543.6092 for details.

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The CPA is the national association for the propane industry, representing companies in every region of the country and in every sector of the industry. Our members are an influential group and include producers, wholesalers, transporters, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and service providers of equipment and appliances, and associated industries.

Please note, that this process will take a maximum of 7 days once your completed form and required documents are received. New members requiring fast track may incur an additional administrative charge.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at membership@propane.ca

Membership Benefits

Public Policy Advocacy

Government relations and advocacy are essential components of the activities the association undertakes on behalf of its members from coast-to-coast. The CPA takes a leading role at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels to ensure that the voice of the CPA membership is heard, and that energy policies and markets being developed include propane.

Regulatory Affairs & Safety

The CPA plays a key role in consultations and negotiations with legislators and policymakers to facilitate safe and effective technical standards for the propane industry, including reducing red tape that may unfairly hinder members’ businesses. The association helps members meet and exceed regulatory and safety requirements through our dedicated Regulatory Affairs team and our Propane Training Institute.

The CPA holds several Equivalency Certificates that allow a company to carry out an activity related to transporting dangerous goods in a way that does not comply with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. These permits are only available to valid members of the CPA.

The Propane Training Institute

The CPA’s Propane Training Institute (PTI) delivers professional training solutions that are member-focused and industry-driven, meeting the industry’s highest standards and recognized by regulatory authorities across Canada.  PTI Training programs promote a culture of safe propane handling and use of propane-fuelled equipment while improving the skills of propane industry workers. And PTI’s advanced online services allow members to purchase training courses anywhere, anytime and to access training certificates. Member benefits include special rates on course material. Check out our free online 100-00 Product Knowledge – Propane/LPG Specific (click here to create a profile to access the course), one of several online courses available.

Communications & Marketing

Advocacy: The CPA provides educational and promotional information about propane through a variety of mediums to educate, advocate for and promote propane.

Stay Current: We keep members informed about the latest news impacting their businesses, from new legislation and technical issues impacting the safe handling and use of propane to essential customer fact sheets for responding to emergency weather events.

Stay Connected: Through our many events held in each region of the country we offer members discounted rates and the opportunity to network and share best practices.

Shape the future: Members can get involved in regular regional and targeted committee meetings to help shape the future direction of propane and influence legislation governing the industry.

Gain credibility: Being a member gives you credibility and recognized endorsement. We offer use of the CPA member logo on member communications and marketing tools.

Be educated: We offer scholarships to member’s children and associated industry youth to support their development and help grow their career.

Emergency Response Assistance Canada

The Canadian Propane Association and its subsidiary Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) offer emergency response for liquid petroleum gas and flammable liquids to members to assist in complying with the TDG Act & Regulations. ERAC provides emergency response plans (including emergency response plans and Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP) that meet all government requirements, as well as access to emergency preparedness and response resources.  For assistance with emergency response, please visit the Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) website.

Types of Membership

Manufacturers of Appliances, Cylinders and Equipment (MACE)/Services

Those members who offer to the Canadian market for sale, rent or lease directly or through agents, end-use products or services used by the liquid petroleum (LP) industry to manufacture, process, odorize, measure, handle, store or consume Natural Gas Liquids (NGL).


Those members who produce NGLs at refineries or natural gas processing plants and/or who make such production available for distribution beyond the source of production, or those who manufacture products produced from propane.

Retail Marketer

Those members who are engaged in selling NGLs directly to ultimate consumers or indirectly through distributors and/or dealers.


Those Members who offer to the Canadian market the transportation of NGLs.

Wholesale Marketer

Those members whose business is primarily the purchase of bulk quantities of NGLs for resale in either tank trucks, rail cars or via pipeline to the export or Canadian domestic market.


That person, firm, corporation or association not otherwise defined as a Retail Marketer, Transporter, Wholesale Marketer, Producer/Processor/Midstreamer or MACE/Service, who is interested in the purpose of the Canadian Propane Association (CPA).

Trainer Associate

That person, firm, corporation or association not otherwise defined as a Retail Marketer, Transporter, Wholesale Marketer, Producer/Processor/Midstreamer, MACE/Service or Associate Member, who is engaged in the delivery of the Canadian Propane Association/Propane Training Institute training programs.

Accredited Representative & Voting

Each Member shall appoint an accredited representative and alternate, and these representatives shall be deemed to be authorized to act on behalf of the member in matters pertaining to the CPA.

All Members (except Associate Members and Trainer Associate Members) may vote at annual and special meetings of the CPA, including the election of the CPA’s Board of Directors.

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