Propane-Powered Only

In construction and in distribution centres, access to an uninterrupted power source is critical to worker safety and the smooth operation of the job site. Propane generators, whether stationary or portable, are perfect for running electrical installations, tools, ventilation systems, electric heating, lighting, or any type of equipment requiring electrical power.

Propane generators require very little maintenance and are extremely reliable

They offer many options for capacity and voltage, from 5 kW to 175 kW, and can be configured for three-phase 120-volt and 240-volt electrical systems.

Propane can also be used in hybrid mode as a backup fuel for existing diesel generators. In this case, propane can constitute up to 40% of the fuel used. This type of system provides a great deal of flexibility while allowing you to keep your existing generator. These propane-powered generators are ideal for work sites that are located outside of major energy infrastructure areas.

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Propane Safety

The health and safety of customers and employees are vital to the propane industry. Whether you are a first-time customer or a veteran in the propane workforce, this section offers a wide array of valuable information on the safe usage and storage of propane.

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It is illegal by Canadian law to refill cylinders without proper training!

Refillable one-pound cylinder kits manufactured to specification TC-39M, and aerosol containers are being sold in Canada.

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