New study on the lifecycle analysis of the GHG emissions intensity of Canadian propane

The study was conducted on behalf of the Canadian Propane Association by IHS Markit, a division of S&P Global Commodity Insights.

Conference Board of Canada – Supply Trains: Security and Resilience in Canada’s Propane Market

Changes in Canada’s propane supply chain—both real and potential—could have serious implications for thousands of Canadians who rely on propane.

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Conference Board of Canada – Canada’s Propane Supply Chain: Reliability and Resilience

This report is a companion to the Conference Board of Canada’s 2018 research output on propane supply and demand in Canada – Fuelled Up: An Overview and Outlook of Canada’s Propane Market and Industry (Fuelled Up).

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Fuelled Up – An Updated Overview and Outlook of Canada’s Propane Market and Industry

The footprint of Canada’s low-emission propane industry is expanding. Population increases will keep residential propane demand growth steady in the coming years and propane use in agriculture, transportation, and Indigenous and remote communities is expected to be above-average

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