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Welcome PTI trainers and examiners!

The PTI is committed to advancing our training processes to meet your needs.

As a service provider, the PTI is first and foremost responsive to the needs of its stakeholders – members, trainers, students and regulators overseeing our industry.

The PTI team is dedicated to continuously improving our services to ensure we provide the most up-to-date training programs delivered in the most efficient way possible, including online.

How to order

The PTI sells training materials to trainers and examiners who are certified to deliver/administer the courseware they are purchasing. To add courses to your PTI Trainer profile, please contact us.

You can order training materials easily and quickly through your trainer profile in the online store.

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BFL Insurance

The CPA/PTI is pleased to announce a new Trainer Associate benefit that includes access to an exclusive insurance program offered by BFL Canada.

The BFL insurance program meets and/or exceeds all PTI requirements and gives you peace of mind that you are covered in all your training work using PTI materials or other training programs outside of the propane industry.

BFL Canada is one of the leading insurance providers in the country and has partnered with other professional organizations in the past to offer similar insurance packages.

As an accredited PTI trainer, you can easily get a quote for your insurance policy needs through an online portal accessible with your PTI training ID#.

The portal will calculate your premium based on the training you provide to your clients, both PTI-related propane training and other occupational health and safety programs you may be offering to your customers. It will include both general liability and professional liability (errors & omissions) coverage for your operations.

In addition, if your business has other insurance needs, (gas bar, mechanical repair services, or other activities), you can access the group rates provided by BFL’s underwriters.

Purchasing through this group program will eliminate the need to provide PTI proof of insurance and make it easier to maintain coverage as a trainer. BFL Canada will be providing you access to premium insurance services provided by top underwriters from around the world.

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