Thermal weed control

Propane pyroweeders are gaining in popularity because they are an ecofriendly alternative to herbicides.

They kill many types of weeds permanently. By destroying the upper part of the plants, the roots become incapable of producing new leaves. They are a great alternative to herbicide application and an excellent solution for organic farming by eliminating the need to use sprays or poisons that affect insect pollinators and reduce the amount of chemicals used in the crop.

Thermal weed control involves the use of propane-powered pyroweeders. The weeders are mounted in rows on the back of a tractor and connected to a propane tank. Thus, several rows of plants can be weeded at the same time with pyroweeders equipped with 16 rows of burners. Individual torches connected to portable tanks are also available on the market.

To use a pyroweeder, simply move the flame of the torch to where the weeds are.

A mere tenth of a second of contact with the flame is enough to destroy the weeds. Walking or driving a tractor at a speed of 5 to 10 km/h is usually enough to do the job. Pyroweeders do not ignite weeds but kill them by contact with intense heat. The idea is not to burn the plant, which is counterproductive, but rather to “heat” it up and damage its tissues to weaken it. If it is a seedling, it will not have the strength to start again.

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