Propane distribution

While other energy options require large-scale infrastructure spending or further technological development, propane is ready to go today.

In Canada, propane is produced, stored, transported, and distributed across a broad supply chain. Propane is produced through natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It is then either stored in underground storage caverns or transported to bulk distribution terminals via pipeline, railroad, barge, truck, or tanker ship.
Propane marketers, like your local supplier, fill their trucks at the terminals and distribute propane to hundreds of thousands of Canadian homes and businesses.

Seasonal Demand

Hundreds of thousands of people across Canada and around the world use propane at home, at work, on the road, on the farm, and anywhere they need clean reliable energy. It’s also an exceptional partner with other energy sources, including grid electricity and on-site solar power.

Propane demand is highest during the cooler winter months. Propane inventories are crucial to ensuring that excess propane produced in the summer months is stored to meet increased winter demand. Propane is stored in underground salt caverns in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. In January 2019, Canadian underground storage facilities had a total capacity of 21 million barrels.