Propane-Powered Only

Propane generators can provide an uninterrupted source of power for all agricultural operations, either as a primary source of power generation when access to infrastructure is problematic, or as backup generators for power outages. As a primary energy source, propane can meet the entire power generation needs of a farm of any size at a lower cost of ownership than other fuels.
Propane backup generators are perfect for preventing interruptions in the operation of electrical installations in farm buildings, wells, ventilation systems, lighting or any type of equipment requiring electrical power. They are typically installed near electrical panels and configured as stand-alone systems that automatically start up when a power outage is detected and shut down once power is restored. These systems require very little maintenance and are extremely durable.

Propane generator manufacturers offer many capacity and voltage options.

Commercial generators range from 5 kW to 400 kW and can be configured for three-phase 120-, 240- and 480-volt electrical installations. Farm and greenhouse owners can choose to connect the generator only to the most vital buildings or, if desired, to the entire facility to ensure that all operations are maintained in the event of a power outage.

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Propane Safety

The health and safety of customers and employees are vital to the propane industry. Whether you are a first-time customer or a veteran in the propane workforce, this section offers a wide array of valuable information on the safe usage and storage of propane.

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It is illegal by Canadian law to refill cylinders without proper training!

Refillable one-pound cylinder kits manufactured to specification TC-39M, and aerosol containers are being sold in Canada.

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