Celebrate National Propane Day

On March 20, we are celebrating the second annual National Propane Day to honour the propane industry and recognize all the benefits propane offers.

This year’s theme Powering Tomorrow for a Sustainable Future, is aligned with the launch of the CPA’s Canadian Propane Decarbonization Roadmap – our industry’s pathway to produce biopropane. This first-of-its-kind Canadian study provides quantitative evidence of how propane can play a role in lowering emissions in alignment with ambitious climate targets.

Propane is an essential energy source for Canada, enhancing the resilience of our communities in the face of energy challenges. As an affordable, highly efficient and low-carbon energy, thousands of Canadians rely on propane for heat, hot water, cooking, and power generation at home, at work and on the road. It is a trusted and safe energy source to power school buses, fleets, farms, hospitals, and many other applications. Its versatility is unmatched.

Propane also provides energy choice. For Indigenous, remote and rural communities that are off-grid, propane is an ideal solution to provide primary or backup energy to renewables such as wind and solar.

“Propane is one of the most accessible, cost-effective,

and low-emission energy sources around the world,” said CPA President and CEO Shannon Watt. “Canadians need reliable energy that they can depend on, regardless of how and where they use it and able to withstand the harshest climate conditions.”

The growth and production of biopropane will play a key role in the energy transition to net zero. Made primarily from plant and vegetable oils, animal fats or used cooking oil, it can be used with existing infrastructure – an easy and cost-effective sustainable energy solution.

National Propane Day is also an occasion to extend our appreciation to all the dedicated individuals within the industry who tirelessly strive to deliver affordable and dependable propane services. Their efforts contribute to the industry’s strong local presence and community-driven approach.

“Propane is a unique and essential energy source that powers the lives of millions of Canadians in so many ways,” said Watt. “We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the propane of today and tomorrow and join the conversation by sharing your propane story online.”

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Canadians take their carbon footprint into their own hands with the help of propane

Check out the stories below collected across the country that show why propane - clean, affordable, portable and versatile - is ENERGY FOR ALL

Keeping the family farm going

What most impresses Lindsay about propane is the supply: “It’s amazing. Maybe I’m just lucky, but we use a lot of propane during the drying season. You can call those guys and there’ll be a truck in your yard in an hour or a few hours. We’ve never had to shut something down waiting for propane.”

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Move to the Maritimes prompts energy rethink

“For us, it was really about trying to maximize propane wherever we could in the home. It’s single source, fairly clean and environmentally friendly. So, we wanted to be able to use it wherever we could.”

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Cold starts and comfort are priorities for Brandon school busing

“We started exploring a switch to propane probably in the fall of 2013,” says Ron. “We used a demo bus and put it through some severe cold trials. It performed exemplarily. Now we’ve been using it for about eight years,” with 28 of the 34 buses currently running on propane.

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Living and working off-grid

“The first and most important thing is to look at your energy needs,” he says. “I did our power calculation: five staff, hot water tank, heating system, etc., right down to a coffee maker…then we need a heating source, so it made sense to go with propane.

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Meeting customer demands during a building boom

“We use propane to heat our equipment because we’re in a 600-foot-long space with a roof and no walls. We need to pump heat to the equipment to keep hydraulic and pneumatic systems working; sometimes they don’t like the fact that they have to be outside.”

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During COVID-19, specialized transit agency rises to public health challenge

TransHelp conducts its specialized public transit and pandemic-related transportation with its fleet of about 65 buses, running entirely on propane. “We know propane is more environmentally friendly, which aligns with the Region’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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