Reliable Propane Commitment

Member Commitment

As a condition of membership with the Canadian Propane Association, each Member adheres to the Reliable Propane Fiable© Commitment. This annual commitment represents the values and sound practices that members are committed to when delivering services to their customers and conducting their business affairs and their relationship with the CPA.

The Reliable Propane Fiable© Commitment is aimed at enhancing risk management performance and elevating public perception about the safety and responsibility of the propane industry.

CPA Members recognize the importance of adopting high ethical standards to earn consumer trust and participate in the development of the propane industry.


All CPA member companies commit to the Reliable Propane Fiable© principles. Industry has a vital role to play in accident prevention. Reliable Propane Fiable© delivers a common goal to improve health and safety amongst our members, reducing risks and effectively raising the bar for safety across the industry.


  • Members are committed to always acting in accordance with the laws, regulations, codes, standards and ordinances governing the propane industry in Canada, to ensure the safety of facilities for the greater protection of users, the general public, public health and the environment. Members are expected to be sufficiently familiar with any legislation that applies to the propane industry in their respective jurisdictions and shall recognize potential liabilities, seeking legal advice where appropriate.
  • Members are committed to providing consumers with quality products and services that are certified, where appropriate, by a recognized certification body.
  • Members are committed to adopting and adhering to sales and after-sales service policies grounded in professionalism, integrity and diligence at all times.
  • Members are committed to always acting in the long-term interest of propane users by adequately informing them of regulations governing the use of the product and, when applicable, by providing user manuals or maintenance guides for appliances and equipment, and by sharing information on safety measures to be taken to ensure optimum benefit and comfort.
  • At a meeting of Members, whether a committee meeting, Board meeting or CPA conference, members are committed to promoting fair competition within the industry, in particular by complying with the CPA Competition Law Compliance Statement.
  • Members are committed to acting fairly, respectfully and in good faith in their dealings with customers, associates, employees, suppliers, other members of the CPA and all other third parties.
  • Members are committed to using propane training programs as well as compliance, safety, and quality assurance programs to develop the propane industry in Canada.

Membership branding

Created to promote the safe practices of the industry’s operations, the CPA membership branding can be used for a variety of purposes, including bumper sticker, website, office front door, etc. Members can print to their own specifications as well as print as many as required by downloading the PDF.