The Canadian Propane Association is the national association representing the Canadian propane industry. 

With members across Canada, the CPA represents every segment of a growing, multi-billion-dollar propane industry that impacts the livelihood of tens of thousands of Canadians.

Members include:

  • Producers
  • Wholesale Marketers
  • Transporters
  • Retail Marketers
  • Manufacturers of Appliances,
    Cylinders and Equipment (MACE)

Associate members

  • Interested Industries and Trainers

Our Vision

Propane is a safe, innovative, and accessible energy choice critical to Canada’s low-carbon future.

Our Mission

As the trusted voice of the propane industry, we create the conditions for responsible market growth through advocacy, training, and emergency response.

Our Key Services

  • Work with governments and regulators to ensure health and safety, while promoting Canadian propane businesses.
  • Help industry stay abreast of regulatory and safety requirements and provide forums for industry to collaborate on best practices.
  • Provide industry training through CPA’s Propane Training Institute.
  • Provide emergency response for liquid petroleum gas and flammable liquids through CPA’s subsidiary Emergency Response Assistance Canada.

*To obtain an Emergency Response Assistance Plan, you must enroll with Emergency Response Assistance Canada – additional forms must be completed. Please contact Cheryl Dahlager at cheryl.dahlager@erac.org or 403.543.6092 for details.

Become a member

The CPA is the national association for the propane industry, representing companies in every region of the country and in every sector of the industry. Our members are an influential group and include producers, wholesalers, transporters, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and service providers of equipment and appliances, and associated industries.

Please note, that this process will take a maximum of 14 days once your completed form and required documents are received.

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