Construction and Handling/Storage subsection

Torches and burners

Propane torches and burners can be used for roofing work, melting tar and asphalt, repairing pavement, removing paint as well as melting snow and ice.

Propane produces a powerful and homogeneous flame that can release very high heat almost instantaneously. The intensity of the flame can be adjusted to adapt to any type of work.
Propane torches and burners provide for autonomy and portability. They are easy to carry and handle while being able to operate continuously for many hours. Changing a tank takes a few minutes only, allowing work to continue uninterrupted throughout the day. They can also be used as a heating element for devices such as bitumen kettles.

Propane Safety

The health and safety of customers and employees are vital to the propane industry. Whether you are a first-time customer or a veteran in the propane workforce, this section offers a wide array of valuable information on the safe usage and storage of propane.

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It is illegal by Canadian law to refill cylinders without proper training!

Refillable one-pound cylinder kits manufactured to specification TC-39M, and aerosol containers are being sold in Canada.

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