Join us in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the CPA and 53 years of dedication to promote propane!

In 1968, the propane industry united under the Propane Gas Association of Canada and in the last decade, as the Canadian Propane Association to serve members and advocate on behalf of the industry. Join us this year as we reflect on the past and set our sights on the exciting future for low-emission, affordable propane as an integral part of Canada’s energy mix.

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CPA Membership Advantage Regional Chairs

The CPA Membership Advantage: Listen to the CPA's Regional Chairs across Canada discuss the importance of having one voice for the propane industry.

Maintaining a lasting union: The view from Québec

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Propane Association (CPA), we asked industry leaders in Québec to highlight the important role played by the association across the country (English subtitles available in the video).

CPA at 10: Looking Back

Join Dave Karn, owner, Dowler-Karn, and Steve Sparling, founder of Cowbell Brewing and past president & CEO of Sparling's Propane, as they reflect back 10 years on the CPA's inception.

Message from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Our country’s strong and growing propane industry involves hundreds of businesses, tens of thousands of employees, and millions of customers from coast to coast.

I commend the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) on your commitment to advancing the industry and creating a culture of safety in many areas. Your advocacy in the importance of safe propane handling, along with the regulations applied to its equipment and training, is a credit to your organization.

Many across the country rely on propane in countless applications for their homes, businesses, farms and fleets. In Newfoundland and Labrador, while propane represents a relatively smaller volume of energy consumption, it is still a very important component of the energy mix whether for family gatherings, home heating applications or places of work.

Congratulations CPA on your 10th anniversary, and for over 50 years of national cooperation for the safety and promotion of propane across Canada.

Honourable Andrew Parsons

Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology,

From the Manitoba Premier’s office:
On behalf of all Manitobans, I extend my warmest congratulations to the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) on its 10th anniversary.

Thanks to the hard work of the CPA and its members, Canadians enjoy the benefit of a reliable supply of safe, clean, and efficient fuel that plays an important role in their lives. Beyond that, CPA members are leaders in our business community, creating jobs and playing an important role in the strength and growth of our economy.

I join my fellow Manitobans in expressing our appreciation for the many contributions that Canadian Propane Association members make to our province, in congratulating them on this important anniversary, and in wishing each of them continued success in the years to come.

The Horourable Brian Pallister

Premier, Manitoba

From the Saskatchewan Premier’s office:

On behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan, I am pleased to extend my congratulations to the Canadian Propane Association on your 10th anniversary and 53 years of service to the propane industry.

First united in 1968 to serve and advocate for the members, the Propane Gas Association of Canada became the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) a decade ago. Representing more than 400 member companies in all parts of Canada, CPA is a respected voice in promoting propane as a positive energy source. Through advocacy, training, and emergency response, CPA facilitates best practices, safety, and a favourable business environment for propane and the propane industry in Canada.

This important milestone anniversary provides an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the many accomplishments your association has achieved. I commend all past and current members for their contribution to the success of this organization.

Once again, congratulations and best wishes for your 10th-anniversary celebration.

The Honourable Scott Moe

Premier, Saskatchewan

From the Alberta Premier’s office:

 On behalf of the Government of Alberta, congratulations to the Canadian Propane Association as you celebrate your 10th anniversary and more than five decades of commitment to the propane industry in Canada.

Canada’s energy sector is critical to our prosperity and has among the highest environmental, human rights, and labour standards on earth. I appreciate the propane industry’s contributions to our energy mix, and wish the CPA and its members continued success in the years to come.

The Honourable Jason Kenney

Premier, Alberta

From the Government of Alberta

On the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Propane Association (CPA), I want to thank the CPA for its support of, and advocacy for, Canada’s propane industry.

Alberta is home to a vibrant industry which produces the majority of Canada’s propane supply. With about half of the country’s propane-related jobs situated in Alberta, our province continues to benefit from the CPA’s focus on safety and training, and we appreciate your ongoing work to drive the industry forward.

Propane has been a vital part of Canada’s energy mix for decades, providing affordable fuel and heating for homes, businesses, farms and fleets, as well as for industry – including mining and construction.

As the world transitions to cleaner sources of energy, this low-emission resource will have a greater role to play in the future energy mix. Alberta is a hub for propane production as well as innovation within the industry, and we are proud to be on the forefront of new opportunities for this important resource.

Once again, congratulations! I Iook forward to the CPA’s continued support of the propane industry in the years to come.

Sonya Savage

Minister of Energy, Alberta

From the New Brunswick Premier’s office:

On behalf of the Government of New Brunswick, I would like to congratulate the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) on your 10th anniversary.

The Province firmly believes that diversity of energy sources is important for all New Brunswickers. Propane, as a source of heating and for commercial and industrial applications, is a valuable offering. This is evidenced by the growth in demand for propane in the province in recent years.

I look forward to working with the local members of CPA on achieving our shared energy goals. 

The Honourable Mike Holland

Premier, New Brunswick

From the Government of Ontario

Congratulations to the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) on achieving the milestone of your tenth anniversary. Your dedication to modern industry training, improving safety standards and raising awareness of industry best practices and regulations sets you apart as a responsible, forward-thinking association. Please accept my most sincere congratulations and best wishes for even more success in future.

Greg Rickford

Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, Ontario

Our industry is positioned to ensure propane has a prominent place in Canada’s energy mix: Nancy Borden, VI Propane, Chair of the Board of Directors


Our Story

From our inception to where we are today, discover how our
members’ stories come together to define the Canadian Propane Association.

Strengthening communities

Propane operators have always been local business leaders, in communities small and large across the country. They hire local people in good-paying jobs and invest in their communities. No other energy supplier has this level of local presence.

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Hubert Bibby, one of the founders of Bibby’s Propane in BC, was an active member in his local community, volunteering with the Knights of Columbus, The Lion’s Club and the Air Force Veterans Assoc as well as helping to establish and build a care facility and a local school.


Throughout the summer in 2020, during COVID-19 lockdowns, Propane Levac delivered propane with its #EverythingwillbeOK truck, donating 5-cents for each litre of propane delivered

Demand is growing

The demand for propane, one of the most versatile energy sources in existence,
is increasing across Canada

Propane is easily transported, making it one of the most versatile energy sources. And with its low GHG emission footprint, demand is increasing across Canada and worldwide. This flexible energy source can literally go anywhere and can be used in a variety of ways – as a petrochemical feedstock to make plastic products to its use in agriculture, other manufacturing industries, as well as residential and transportation applications. And Canada produces plenty of propane – we export about 50 per cent of our propane to meet the growing demand in Asian markets.

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Ready and reliable

The propane industry has an excellent track record for delivering to customers no matter the weather or other challenges – propane dealers go the distance to make sure their customers’ needs are always met.

Infrastructure is well-developed to deliver propane (see Propane Supply Chain). Even during the 2019 rail strike, cooperation and determination in the industry meant the product got to customers by truck when needed. Propane dealers are based in the communities where their customers live – they go above and beyond to deliver.

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Affordable, low-carbon energy source

It’s easy to understand why Canadians choose propane: whether it’s to power appliances for the home, power the office or fleets, propane has lower costs and emissions.

Its many benefits make it easy to understand why more and more Canadians are choosing propane. In addition to reducing toxic emissions, many fleet owners are making the switch to auto propane because it has lower maintenance and fuel costs than gasoline and diesel, and affordable vehicle conversion costs are quickly absorbed. Governments are including propane in energy switching rebates because it has up to 38% fewer particulates than oil in furnaces. Plus, residents can save up to 45% in costs compared to other sources in addition to paying lower insurance costs because there is no risk of contamination due to oil leaks or diesel spills.

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An essential energy for the transition

Technologically advanced, clean, accessible and affordable – propane is a top choice for years ahead.

Propane is a unique source within Canada’s energy portfolio. Propane’s utilization helps improve air quality, reduces GHG emissions and protects the environment. Innovation and technological advancements allow for the implementation of hybrid energy solutions combining propane with renewable resources to replace diesel and gasoline in remote communities.

Advancements in the auto propane sector are pushing the boundaries of technology and what it means to be clean, with near zero-emissions engines powered by renewable propane, which can be used as a drop-in replacement to help meet growing demand for cleaner energy. Propane is even powering rockets to deliver small satellites into Earth’s orbit.

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U-Haul has purchased its first million gallons of renewable propane, which is now available to customers at the Company's autogas facilities across Southern California.

Renewable Propane Arrives at U-Haul Autogas Locations in SoCal, California


Orbex Prime Rocket Fuelled by Propane


AN EXCEPTIONAL ENERGY CASE STUDY:   The role of propane in a modern hybrid power system with renewable energy generation

For more information on propane, we invite you to consult our section Fact Sheets & Brochures.

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