Roadmap for renewable propane in Canada: where do we go from here? 

The release of the Propane Decarbonization Roadmap for Canada, which outlines the propane industry’s strategy for developing renewable propane, has generated interest from various media outlets. Explore some key highlights of stories and podcasts covering this important initiative. 

Next Steps 

The next steps of the rollout include delving into critical questions that will shape the future of renewable propane in the energy market. Key considerations include identifying necessary fiscal and regulatory adjustments to incentivize renewable propane adoption at provincial and federal levels.  

The 2024 decarbonization pathway underscores the importance of supportive measures for energy projects and highlights the challenges biofuel projects face due to operational costs tied to feedstock prices. The CPA’s ongoing exploration will drive informed strategies aimed at enhancing renewable propane’s competitiveness and sustainability within Canada’s evolving energy landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on this important initiative.