Economic Impact

The Canadian Propane Industry

Canada’s strong and growing propane industry involves hundreds of businesses, tens of thousands of employees, and millions of customers across Canada.
The industry is comprised of the some of the largest and best-known energy companies in Canada, that concentrate on the production side, and many small- to medium-sized businesses that direct the wholesaling, retailing, marketing and transportation segments.

Reliable propane is essential energy transported and used in every region across Canada

Propane easily moves across Canada via truck, rail and pipeline. Infrastructure is well-developed, with propane suppliers securing supply and implementing monitoring systems to ensure customers needs are met. Many propane dealers are based in the communities where their customers live – they go above and beyond to deliver.

Abundant Canadian energy

Canada is fortunate to have an abundant supply of propane, ensuring that Canada’s needs will always be met. With about 50 per cent of propane used here in Canada, the rest is exported to overseas markets, delivering clean, critical energy so that other countries benefit, reducing their emissions.
Propane supply is set to increase by about 30 per cent over the next several years, 387 thousand barrels per day by 2030.

Propane supports Canadian jobs and investment

Propane contributes about

$5.15 billion in GDP across Canada per year
27,485 jobs annually across the economy
$1.8 billion per year in government revenues

Economic Value, Taxes & Royalties

Each year, the Canadian propane industry generates over $5.15 billion for the Canadian economy. As with the industry’s employment numbers, around 50% of this value is created in Alberta.
Canada’s national, provincial and territorial governments are beneficiaries of a strong propane industry, with propane operations across the country generating over $1.8 billion in taxes and royalties each year. These funds help to pay for important services in our communities.
The propane industry’s value to the economy will continue to grow. Driven by a move towards lower-carbon energy sources – such as propane – as well as technological and infrastructure advances, propane is an increasingly attractive energy choice.
Canada helps meet global demand for propane, exporting over 50 per cent of its production. This also means propane exports help reduce our trade deficits with other countries.


The Canadian propane industry supports around 27,485 jobs. Canadians are employed in the propane industry in many roles, including in extraction, production and refining, transportation and distribution, equipment manufacturing, and sales and marketing.
These jobs are spread across the country – and stay within the country: with around 50% situated in Alberta, the heartland of Canada’s propane industry. There are also large propane industry workforces in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.


Around 50% of the propane produced in Canada is used domestically and the remainder is exported to the U.S. and overseas markets.
Propane utilization across various sectors in Canada is divided as follows:

Propane Prices

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