March 2023 

Letter from the President

Welcome to the first publication of Propane Pulse, our new monthly newsletter. As we have been discussing with members over the past several months, our communications tools are changing to better align with our focus on advocacy.

Our newsletter will include highlights of key files – both regulatory health and safety matters and government relations – as well as important external opportunities for the CPA and members.

Welcome to the first publication of Propane Pulse, our new monthly newsletter. As we have been discussing with members over the past several months, our communications tools are changing to better align with our focus on advocacy.

Our newsletter will include highlights of key files – both regulatory health and safety matters and government relations – as well as important external opportunities for the CPA and members.

Renewable Propane

Check out the CPA’s new page on Renewable Propane. Learn what it is and how it can help the propane industry succeed in a low-carbon future.

Renewable propane new page!

CPA Scholarships

Do you know someone who could benefit from student funding? Apply now for the CPA Young Gassers Scholarship and the Wendell King Memorial Bursary!

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Propane: A Clear Solution for Northern Communities

The CPA collaborated with Energy Minute to talk about the benefits of propane and how it can be a low-emission solution for Canada’s North.

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Propane on the Hill Lobby Day a great success

The CPA’s first lobby day in three years was a great success. Twenty-four CPA members and staff met with more than 30 parliamentarians and government representatives on March 21 in Ottawa to talk about affordable, versatile, low-emission propane.

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Bill to exempt propane for agriculture is passed in House of Commons

An important piece of legislation that will see propane exempted from the federal carbon tax is one step closer to becoming law. On March 29, Bill C-234, a Private Member’s Bill sponsored by Ontario Conservative MP Ben Lobb, was passed at Third Reading in the House of Commons.

The bill – An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act – was passed by a vote of 176-145 in favour, receiving support from the Conservatives, the New Democratic Party, the Bloc Quebecois, and a handful of Liberal MPs. Bill C-234 will next be debated in the Senate. The CPA will continue to advocate for its passage.

Assuming it is passed by the Senate, C-234 will receive Royal Assent and become law. Most observers expect that to happen by the end of June. Read more.

CPA joins the discussion about the future of Canada’s energy system

The CPA has participated in several recent discussions about the potential challenges the Canadian grid system faces in light of the 2035 net-zero targets, most recently at the North American Natural Gas Summit and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Electricity Roundtable.

Ensuring access to reliable energy systems continues to be a core component of the decarbonization discussions. Notably, Electricity Canada recently published its 2023 state of the industry report, highlighting the considerable challenges grid systems across the country face, namely the challenging regulatory system and infrastructure permitting process and increasing grid instability. The report states that “over the past 10 years, the average number of hours of interrupted service has steadily increased.”

The CPA continues to promote propane as an essential primary or backup energy source. Canadians should have uninterrupted access to energy, no matter where they live or what the weather may bring. The CPA continues to support decarbonization goals and recognizes that energy cost and reliability are top of mind for many Canadians and will continue to advocate for its members with provincial and federal decision-makers.

BC: CPA encourages Transportation Ministry to adopt a technology neutral plan

The B.C. Government recently issued the Clean Transportation Action Plan  (CTA) for feedback. The purpose of the CTAP is to identify the next set of actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector by 27-32% by 2030 and increase economic opportunities in clean transportation in B.C.

The CTAP is intended to take actions across five foundational areas: reducing vehicle kilometers traveled, shifting to more efficient modes, increasing vehicle efficiency, and transitioning the market to zero-emission vehicles and cleaner fuels. The CPA will be working with the BC Committee on its submission (April 5 deadline).

The CPA submission will encourage the government to implement a flexible, outcomes-based policy that is technology neutral. We support a provincial transportation emissions policy and regulatory structure that promotes flexible and cost-effective compliance pathways, encourages investment in advanced technologies, and provides immediate benefits for the people of B.C. The CPA believes that setting ambitious and achievable emissions reductions standards, paired with meaningful policy flexibility to accommodate a diverse array of compliance strategies, is an appropriate approach for bringing continued environmental progress in an affordable manner. For further information please contact VP of Government Relations, West, Katie Kachur (

Policy/Regulatory Updates

2022 Greenhouse Gas Reporting Period now open

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) is now accepting GHG reports for the 2022 calendar year:

Do you need to report? Submit a GHG report if your facility:

  • Emitted 10 kilotonnes or more of GHGs in 2022;
  • Was involved in carbon capture, transport, injection or storage activities in 2022.

Find more information on the reporting requirements in the Notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases (GHGs) for 2022 and 2023.

Facilities in the following sectors or conducting the following activities are required to submit an expanded GHG report and follow the methodological requirements outlined in Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Quantification Requirements (2022) (QR):

Aluminium production Electricity/heat-steam generation Lime production
Ammonia production Ethanol production Mining
Base metal production Pulp and paper production Nitric acid production
Cement production Iron and steel production Petroleum refineries
CO2 capture, transport, injection or storage Hydrogen production (refineries or stand-alone)

Reporting is mandatory: Facilities in violation may face penalties as listed under Section 272 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Resources to help you report to the GHGRP:

For more information, contact: Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada, Toll Free: 1-877-877-8375, Local Telephone: 819-938-3258

Heat pump installations causing compliance problems due to improper installation

Members province-wide are finding that heat pumps are frequently being improperly installed when they arrive at a location to fill an existing propane system. Heat pump installers are responding to the increased request for heat pumps due to the federal government’s incentives to electrify residential homes, however, many seem unaware of the code requirements.

The most significant issue is installers are not following the code requirement for sources of ignition to be located three metres from a gas installation. The code requires this setback to ensure gas is not inadvertently subjected to an ignition source that could cause a hazard. When the setback is not followed, propane distributors are forced to refuse delivery of the propane.

The CPA has been in contact with regulators across Canada; they are encouraging propane providers to report these installation concerns to help them address the issue with the installers of the heat pump system. The heat pump installer is required to rectify the situation, often resulting in the propane container to be moved. That work should be at the heat pump installer’s expense as it was their installation that created the non-compliance.

Transport Canada recall – RV trailer by Forest River

This recall affects the 2018 Forest River Cherokee. On certain vehicles, the valve fitting on low flow propane gas line to the refrigerator may have been adjusted improperly. This could create the potential for a propane leak, which in the presence of an ignition source could lead to a fire and/or an explosion, increasing the risk of injury and/or damage to property.

Required Action: Dealers must ensure the pressure tap nut is present and is tightened to proper specification. Click here for more information.

ON: Seasonal Loads Update

Access the latest updates (as of March 15, 2023) for seasonal load restrictions on trucks in the province of Ontario here.

NS: Updated versions of boiler and pressure equipment, and fuel safety codes issued

The Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration recently issued two bulletins:

Safety Bulletin #0000019

Technical Safety Standards Regulations – Adoption of Updated Boiler and Pressure Equipment (BPE) Codes, contains updated versions of 21 BPE codes.

Safety Bulletin #0000021

Technical Safety Standards Regulations – Adoption of Fuel Safety Codes contains updated versions of seven Fuel Safety Codes.

The updated codes for both bulletins came into force on February 7, 2023. Industry will be granted a 90-day period from the date of issue of the safety bulletins – February 28, 2023, to adjust any current work procedures and processes prior to any compliance and enforcement plan.

Additional information can be found at Boiler and Pressure Equipment (BPE) |, and Fuel Safety | in the Safety Notification sections.

Events We are Attending

Arctic Energy & Resource Symposium

VP Government Relations, West, Katie Kachur, participated in the Arctic Energy & Resource Symposium on March 22 & 23, 2023. She joined leaders from federal and territorial governments, Northern communities, and industry leaders for important discussions and information on developments in oil, gas, renewable and low-carbon products as well as critical minerals and other resources.

BC Natural Resources Forum

The CPA participated in the BC Natural Resources Forum. During this event, First Nations, Government, and the Natural Resource Sector were brought together to discuss opportunities, innovative solutions, and success stories. This year’s theme focused on how BC is contributing to an innovative, responsible, and respectful international natural resource sector.

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

The CPA met with MPs and learned more about the new Alberta Budget from Minister Travis Toews, hosted by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Calgary Women in Energy: Allies in Energy 2023 Forum

VP Government Relations, West, Katie Kachur presented at the Allies in Energy 2023 Forum. The event brought together an elite panel of executive female leaders to share their knowledge, strategies and unique experiences on transformative change in the energy industry.

North American National Gas Summit

The CPA was at the North American National Gas Summit in Calgary, AB March 1, to better understand energy security and propane’s role in the path to lower emissions.

CPA News

CPA joins global network supporting women in propane

Women in LPG (WINLPG) is a global network that supports women in the propane industry, providing a network for women to share best practices around the globe, and offering a unique forum to make a change. The World LPG Association invited CPA President and CEO Shannon Watt to be an Ambassador for WINLPG and lend her support to the goals of this important network. The CPA is very pleased to be part of this important network. To learn more, visit the Women in LPG website.

Versatile and convenient, propane may be the value-add your retail store is looking for

The CPA/Propane Training Institute collaborated once again with Convenience & Carwash Canada. Read our latest contribution: Versatile and convenient, propane may be the value-add your retail store is looking for.


CPA Op-ed in The Hill Times delivers important messaging in advance of National Propane Day and lobby day on the hill

The CPA’s latest op-ed, Cleaning up our emissions means government support for all low-emission energy, was published in The Hill Times on March 16, 2023. The op-ed aligned with messaging for National Propane Day and our messaging to MPS on Parliament Hill during our lobby day, that took place on March 21, 2023. Read it here.

Collaboration highlights propane to reduce emissions in Canada’s North and remote communities

The CPA collaborated with Energy Minute to highlight the role propane can play to reduce emissions in Northern and remote communities. Read it here.

Energy Minute is a new, a grassroots organization that seeks to distill complex news on the environment and energy in an unbiased and well-researched format. The articles are interesting and relevant and with a bit of humour to make it a fun and engaging read. Check them out here – it is free to sign up to receive the newsletter.

National Propane Day demonstrates the power of our voices

Canada’s inaugural National Propane Day which took place on March 21 was a great success! It was the CPA’s most effective and largest social media campaign to date, helping us promote propane and amplify our lobby day efforts for Propane on the Hill that also took place on that day.

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Market Insights


What’s Old is Renewed Again

Renewable propane could be the next evolution in fleet vehicle fuels, according to Roush CleanTech President Todd Mouw. Renewable propane it is clean and can be used as a “drop-in” to conventional propane since its chemical structure, and physical properties are the same.  A key benefit: Current propane vehicles don’t need alterations to operate with renewable propane, making the transition to an even cleaner energy source far less expensive.

About 100 million gallons per year of renewable propane is being produced globally, including in the U.S. and growing fast, according to the World LP Gas Association. Read the full story: What is old is renewed again.

New: Clean Energy Career Management Program for professionals

Canada’s new Clean Energy Shuttle Program (CCES) helps energy professionals evolve their careers to the clean energy sector. In partnership with the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program and Careers in Energy, the program is part of the government’s ‘just transition’ plan.

It is expected that almost 1 million jobs will be displaced as the government implements its plan for net-zero emissions by 2050. The CPA looks forward to the near future that will see renewable propane and propane/rDME blend enter the Canadian clean energy marketplace.

Click here to learn more.

What we’re reading

The latest in heat pumps across the border

The CPA is keeping an eye out for what’s happening with heat pumps and bans across our border: Recently, a group of building industry associations filed a lawsuit against the Washington State Building Code Council’s recently adopted codes for residential and commercial buildings which bans builders from installing natural gas or propane in new construction as a primary source of energy. Instead, they are required to install a heat pump for both space and water heating, with the allowance for natural gas as a backup energy source. This requirement increases the price of homes substantially – $US9,200 for the heat pump plus US $2,400 for the furnace.

Read full story here: Lawsuit filed over Washington’s new natural gas ban

The CPA welcomes new members

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