Compliance and safety news for the propane industry

June 2023 


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Request for removable PRVs to be used in tanks

The CPA has received a response to our request for interpretation of the B51 code that would allow removable PRVs to be used in accordance with the requirements listed in Clause 12.2.2.

A similar barrier was identified in Clause 7.2.4 in B149.2. The CPA submitted a Request for Change to the B149.2 committee which asks for similar language as in the B51 code. Depending on the committee’s decision, the valve manufacturer may still need to secure the required approval for use with each provincial Authority Having Jurisdiction.

The combined devices are currently approved for cylinder use in stationary applications (420s); however, these dockets are additionally required before requesting their use in tanks as well.

It is hoped the next RA newsletter will include an update on how the docket was received and if the code might soon allow for external PRV use in tanks.

Permanent Hours of Service extension submitted

The CPA has requested permanent provision of the ‘hours of service’ (HOS) extension. Currently, an HOS extension must be requested each time one is required, which is ineffective during emergency situations and slows down the application process. A working group was created to identify the specifics of the HOS extension, and the initial request has been submitted to Transport Canada. The CPA will follow up with TC in the next few weeks.

Authority jurisdiction remains unclear in rail-to-truck transfers despite industry requests

The CPA continues to request that Transport Canada address the concern that temporary transloading does not have a process that would ensure temporary transload locations have proper systems and safety measures in place, including first response notification during these temporary operations.

Neither TC nor the provincial authorities are owning the responsibility of approval for these operations. TC has recently officially responded that these sites do not fall under their scope; the CPA has been redirected to provincial authorities who have previously indicated that this is federal and not part of their jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, it appears that unless something serious happens, neither federal nor provincial authorities will not take ownership and these operations will continue to take place without any involvement with AHJs nor with local first responders being aware of what is taking place in their area of operations.

Methanol prepped container exemption request

The CPA recently requested TC provide an exemption for the transportation of containers that have been prepped for service with the addition of a small percentage of methanol.

The equivalency was requested through the typical process considering the small amount of methanol used to prepare the container for service as well as the size and robust nature of the large-pressure container itself. The container should be viewed as the equivalent of being empty.

However, some regional inspectors have suggested that the CPA should consider these containers as if they contained greater amounts of methanol and prepare TDG documents in order to transport them. This request is unrealistic and difficult to achieve because of the restrictions on how much methanol can be transported simultaneously with propane. The other issue is that each tank has a very small amount of methanol in each which is impossible to verify as it is in a sealed tank.

The CPA will monitor the request and provide further information once the response is received from TC.

New TC fees could adversely affect the current robust circular use of cylinders in Canada

Transport Canada recently reopened the commentary period on their new fee proposal for the registration of container requalification facilities. After receiving member feedback, the CPA commented that the new fees will adversely affect smaller facilities by making it too costly for them to continue to provide necessary requalification services that help maintain the circular use of cylinders in Canada. These fees could limit the number of locations in remote and rural areas, making it harder for consumers to find a place to return their cylinder or have it requalified. It may encourage consumers to either abandon a reusable cylinder or place it in a landfill which could also remove it from the recycling process.

Propane Training Institute NEWS


New PTI Trainer Committee launched

The Propane Training Institute is pleased to announce the launching of a new PTI Trainer Committee. The objective of this committee is to help PTI set priorities for the year based on what is needed in the industry and determined by our trainers across Canada.

During these quarterly committee meetings, participating trainers will be updated on industry and regulatory changes, trends, and changes, as well as discuss potential required training material revisions and best practices. The PTI will ensure that all issues and recommendations that pertain to the improvement of propane training that arises during meetings are promptly reviewed and addressed.

If you would like to join the PTI Trainer Committee, please email PTI’s Director of Training Operations Sophie Léger-Cormier. The inaugural PTI Trainer Committee meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 27 at 11 am ET. A meeting invite with the Zoom link will be sent to all trainers that have expressed interest in participating in the committee.

The PTI is hoping to have at least one trainer from each province to ensure key provincial requirements are considered for PTI course content updates to occur. For any questions regarding the committee, please reach out to Sophie.

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