October 2023 

Help our farmers! Help save Bill C-234


The proposed amendments by some Members of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry would remove the heating and cooling of barns and greenhouses from Bill C-234, An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.

Help keep the bill intact and join us in calling on the Senate to reject the amendments.


Visit the landing page to access the online letter-writing campaign and follow the directions.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MP to include propane in rural energy assistance


The federal government announced it is exempting home heating oil from the carbon tax for three years.

Federal assistance must be fair to all rural Canadians, and not leave rural propane users out in the cold. On behalf of your customers in rural areas that use propane, we all need to stand up for them.


Click here to access a form letter that you can quickly and easily send to your MP. It takes less than five minutes.

International Auto Propane Day – November 17

View the Auto Propane section of the CPA website for great information and case studies on fleets and propane school buses. Don’t forget to follow the CPA on social media and repost us!  

Visit the Auto Propane section

Upcoming CPA Events – SAVE THE DATES

2024 CPA Leadership Summit – May 14-16 

CPA 2024 Atlantic Seminar & Golf Tournament  June 4-5 

Stay tuned for more information and sponsorship opportunities! 

CPA Events

New Subsidy Map!

We have built a map of Canada identifying which provinces are offering subsidy programs. 

Check out the new page here

National Propane Day - March 20, 2024!

Save the date! Canada’s second annual National Propane Day is Wednesday, March 20. Taking place on the third Wednesday of every March, NPD is an opportunity to celebrate Canada’s propane industry and promote awareness about all the amazing benefits of propane. 


CPA appears before Senate Committee reviewing supply chains

On October 18, CPA President Shannon Watt and CPA’s Atlantic Committee Chair Royden Boudreau appeared before the Senate Transportation and Communications Committee. 

Watt and Boudreau provided comment on the impact of the propane supply chains as it pertains to the Isthmus of Chignecto should that vital transportation corridor connecting New Brunswick and Nova Scotia be damaged by weather events and climate change. 

New Brunswick Senator Jim Quin presently has a bill before the Senate that designates the isthmus as federal responsibility and would require the federal government to finance the building of any infrastructure that would be required to ensure that access through the corridor is maintained. Nova Scotia and by extension, Newfoundland and Labrador, rely on the corridor for the transportation of goods from the rest of Canada. 

For the CPA, supplying affordable, reliable, and clean energy will continue to be the goal of Canada’s propane industry, whether that’s in Atlantic Canada, across the country or to countries around the globe. The CPA is also looking at ways to further decarbonize propane so that the industry can provide clean energy now and in the future. 

Regarding the issue of supply chains and the Isthmus of Chignecto, Watt noted, “The corridor between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, along the Isthmus of Chignecto is of fundamental importance to our industry. Any disruption caused to the corridor along the Isthmus of Chignecto, whether by climate change or anything else, would have an extremely negative impact on the propane supply chain, including thousands of propane customers in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.” 

Boudreau noted that, “The reason transportation is becoming more critical for the propane industry is that propane production has been halted in Nova Scotia because the Sable Offshore Energy Project was shut down in January 2019. Prior to that, propane was being produced and used throughout the Maritimes. The Come By Chance refinery shut down halted production of propane in the province of Newfoundland. We’ve really become exclusively dependent on trucking and rail to supply customers across the region.” 

CPA to file submission on the draft federal Clean Electricity Regulations

The Canadian Propane Association is filing a submission to the federal government regarding the Clean Electricity Regulations (CER) released on August 10. The government maintains that the draft regulations are a significant step towards delivering on its commitment to a net-zero electricity grid by 2035 and meeting its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.  

In its submission, the CPA will articulate the propane advantage as part of a measured decarbonization strategy as well as the propane industry’s concerns regarding the regulations. 

The CPA submission focuses on: 

  • The advantages and opportunities the expanded use of propane can provide as the sector looks to reduce emissions, in alignment with the 2050 net zero goals.  
  • The risk of leaving behind Canadians who live in rural and remote communities if decarbonization is rushed and all low-emission options are not included in decarbonization efforts. 
  • Concerns that the hasty push to electrify will put rural jobs at risk. 
  • Redraft the labour requirements to include incentives for compliance, rather than a 10% penalty for non-compliance, as currently written in the draft regulations. 
  • Applying criminal penalties to the CER is unnecessary and combative and should not be considered. 

Rail advocacy continues in preparation for upcoming winter 

The CPA continues to identify key challenges for the propane sector as it relates to rail and the transportation of propane, particularly during the winter months. The CPA meets regularly with Class 1 carriers to identify issues and potential solutions to alleviate concerns about the effectiveness of the rail system as part of their 2023-2024 winter plans. The CPA is also collaborating with other commodities and Transport Canada with the goal of creating a resilient rail system, through the CPA Rail Task Group. If you are interested in joining the task group, please contact VP Government Relations, West, Katie Kachur at 

BC: Provide your feedback on government’s protocol for low-carbon blended fuels

The BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation has released a protocol for determining the carbon intensity and volume of the renewable/low carbon portion of co-processed fuel. Co-processing is when low-carbon and/or renewable feedstocks are used in combination with petroleum feedstocks during the refining process to produce blended fossil and lowcarbon fuel products. The ministry is accepting feedback on the protocol. Please see the Protocols section of the LCFS website for further information. For any questions, please contact the Low Carbon Fuels Branch at

BC: Falling electricity production raises concerns about energy mix for the province

According to Statistics Canada, summer drought and extreme temperatures reduced electricity production in British Columbia. last July to its lowest point of any July in at least 15 years. To offset the decline in production, B.C. imported 2.1 million MWh of electricity from other provinces and the U.S. last July, nearly double the previous 15-year record set in 2019. (One megawatt-hour of electricity would power roughly two fridges per year.) The CPA has been encouraging the Government of BC to assess how to better integrate a diverse mix of energy sources into the grid, including propane. The CPA and BC Committee will continue to focus on this conversation as part of the advocacy approach. 

AB: New funding opportunities for original emissions-reduction projects

The Alberta government has announced a new funding opportunity for scale-up, pilot and first-of-kind emissions-reduction projects. The Emerging Innovators Challenge is open to small enterprises (organizations with fewer than 50 employees), medium enterprises (organizations with fewer than 500 employees) and Indigenous communities and organizations of any size. Up to $5 million is available per project, with a minimum request of $250,000. Applications can originate from anywhere around the world but must be piloted, demonstrated or deployed in Alberta. The application deadline is Dec. 14. For more information and how to apply please visit: EMERGING INNOVATORS CHALLENGE – Emissions Reduction Alberta ( 

AB: Electric System Operator offers perspective on Draft Clean Electricity Regulations

On September 28, the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) hosted a news conference to explain its perspective on the federal government’s draft Clean Electricity Regulations (CER), including Alberta’s unique challenges related to decarbonization and reliability and affordability considerations. The AESO manages and operates the provincial power grid as a not-for-profit organization with no financial investment in the industry.  

They focused on several key messages: 

  • Among all provinces, Alberta faces the greatest challenge to decarbonize its electricity system since its starting point has the highest emissions.  
  • Alberta has achieved significant emissions reduction to date. In 2005, Alberta’s electricity sector emissions were 49.8 Mt and by 2021 the province’s electricity system emissions had dropped to 27.7 Mt, a 44% reduction. As the remaining coal-fired generation retires through the first quarter of 2024 and more efficient natural gas generation displaces it, further electricity sector emissions reductions are expected.  
  • Uncertainty with developing decarbonization technologies (carbon capture, hydrogen, storage, small modular nuclear) means Alberta is at greater reliability and affordability risk if cost and performance do not materialize as currently anticipated.  
  • Current decarbonization paths with solar and wind lack the storage and reliability attributes required to unlock high penetrations without sacrificing reliability.  
  • Regardless of how much intermittent wind and solar capacity Alberta has, the provincial grid will need sufficient dispatchable generation to meet cold, dark, windless winter peak-load conditions—otherwise Alberta is at risk of large-scale blackouts, putting lives at risk and economic output in jeopardy. 

For more information on the briefing please visit AESO Media Briefing on Proposed Federal Clean Electricity Regulations (Media Materials) » AESO. 

The CPA will be providing feedback to the federal government on the Clean Electricity Regulations. For further information, please contact Allan Murphy ( 

ON: CPA advocating for off-oil program for rural residents

This past month, the CPA continued its advocacy work in the Province of Ontario to educate Members of Provincial Parliament about the propane industry and advocate for an off-oil program for rural Ontario. Work includes meetings with political staff from Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs office as well as MPPs from Essex, Oxford and Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.  

 Also, in September the Ontario Committee met in Belleville to hear updates from the CPA on provincial, federal and regulatory issues.  

CPA Online membership renewals are coming in November to all Primary Contacts. 

You will receive an email for your CPA yearly renewal notice shortly. We hope that you will renew and continue demonstrating your support for the propane industry. Please contact Membership at if you have any questions.


CPA Out and About

Great discussions at Queen’s Park! CPA’s Chris Crawford and Dave Karn of Dowler-Karn had an informative meeting with MPP Rick Byers about the propane advantage.  

Chris Crawford and Dave Karn of Dowler-Karn had a great meeting at Queen’s Park with MPP Earnie Hardeman to discuss the important role of propane in providing energy choice for rural Ontario.  

CPA’s Katie Kachur is with Councillor Richard Mifflin of Big Lakes County at the Economic Developers Alberta Ministers’ Dinner in Edmonton. Great to hear important views from stakeholders across Alberta and from government officials. 

CPA at the Alberta Power Symposium & the Forward Summit East

Katie Kachur presented on how an equitable transition must ensure access to reliable, affordable and clean energy for all communities, not just urban centers at the Canadian Institute’s Alberta Power Symposium. 

CPA’s Shannon Watt had a thought-provoking conversation on the transformation of the energy industry at the Forward Summit East alongside industry experts Jeremy Thompson of Iconic Power Systems Inc., Scott W. Gray of BWXT Canada Ltd. and moderator Meaghan Snow with Ontario Power Generation.  

Chris Crawford and Dave Karn of Dowler-Karn/McDougall Energy met with MPP Anthony Leardi to discuss the propane advantage at Queen’s Park.  

CPA’s Allan Murphy and Chris Crawford met with Bradley Harker, Principal Commercial Officer for US Consulate Toronto to discuss the importance of Line 5 to Canada’s propane industry.  

Katie Kachur with Councillor Richard Mifflin at the Economic Development Alberta Ministers Dinner in Edmonton.  

Market Insights

Propane buses have advantages over electric

Theresa Fleming, transportation director from the Philadelphia Public School in the U.S., is transitioning her school away from dirty diesel buses. So far, she purchased 21 electric models two years ago and is ready to replace more buses. Interestingly, she’s not buying more electric ones, but propane buses instead.

Theresa decided to order 38 propane buses after learning that they offer many of the same environmental benefits of electric — but at a fraction of the cost. 

Discovering the capabilities and limitations of the EV buses they purchased, coupled with what she learned about propane, convinced Theresa to diversify her plan to upgrade the fleet. The CPA is investigating similar stories to this one.  

Manchin joins in fight against Biden administration's move to electric vehicle

U.S. Senator  Joe Manchin, D-W.Va has joined 28 other senators in introducing the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act to counter what Manchin described as the administration’s “radical environmental agenda and executive overreach” that seeks to limit consumer vehicle choices. He argues that the administration’s continued push to mandate electric vehicles will hurt everyday Americans and cost auto workers their jobs while simultaneously helping China, which currently dominates the EV supply chain. 

Read more here.

Industry Resources and Propane Stats

Click on the links below to find updated propane storage levels, exports, pricing, and rail data. This is publicly collected data updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

Canada Energy Regulator

Propane and Butanes Export Summary

Canadian Propane Exports by volumes/destinations/modes

Canadian Propane Inventory & Storage levels

Consumer Prices for Propane Fuel (

Transport Canada

Weekly rail performance indicators – Propane products

The CPA welcomes new members

Western Canada

  • Western Fuel Products Inc. – Transporter: Westlock, AB


Canadian Propane Association 2024 Leadership Summit 

When: May 14-16, 2024
Where: Ottawa Marriott Hotel
100 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5R7

Canadian Propane Association 2024 Atlantic Seminar & Golf Tournament

When: June 4-5, 2024
Where: Rodd Brudenell River Resort
86 Dewars LN, Cardigan, PE

Other Industry Events

November 13-17: 35th World LPG Forum

CPA’s President and CEO, Shannon Watt is participating in the session ‘Just Energy Transition’ on November 16th where she will discuss the role LPG has to play in ensuring that today’s energy transition is balanced and beneficial to people in both developed and developing countries and how can LPG play an even greater role in a people-focused, just energy transition.

Where: Rome, Italy
Register here

November 16: The 8th Annual National Energy Roundtable Conference

Where: Soco Ballroom, Delta Toronto Hotel, Toronto, ON.
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November 21-22: IOT North Conference 2023: Celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship and investment in tech!

Katie Kachur, VP, Government Relations, West, will be participating in the roundtable discussion, “Developing solutions for a new age of transitions to clean energy that have profound effects on the Planet” on November 21, 2023, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm.

Where: BMO Centre at Stampede Park, Calgary, AB
Register here

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